Concurrent presentations 2010

Armstrong, Karen A community development approach to establishing community based strength training in isolated rural areas

Benton, Kam Childress tractors: improving farming safety for school aged children

Berghofer, Erin Wholegrain foods and legumes in health and nutrition

Boyd, Cindy Sustainable Farm Families: an a(cute) perspective on becoming proactive in improving the health, wellbeing and safety of our farming community

Brown, Joanne Pass the parcel

Brumby, Susan Dry, drier, drought? Wet, wetter or whatever? Farmer responses to climate

Butler, Martin Community development, social care initiatives within a rural narrative framework

Champness, David The interaction between animal and human health and welfare

Chimes, Lauren Primary healthcare reaching the rural and remote communities

Clarke, Ann Kicking the dust: the past, present and future of young farmers in SA

Davis-Lamelois, Nathalie Chronic disease risk factors in rural areas: GGT risk factor study

Depczynski, Julie Evidence on the effectiveness of health screening at the 2009 Ag Quip Field Day

Donham, Kelley MRSA, MRSA, MRSA  An emerging infectious epidemic in people from livestock?

Dowling, Jane ‘The only problem with alcohol is not having enough’: substance abuse and rural workplace culture

Doxey, Grant A holistic approach to farmer health: responding to psycho-social needs identified by Rural Financial Counsellors

Foran, Kelly Friendly Faces Helping Hands

Gow, Andrew Farm family health and landscape health: a health impact assessment

Grenfell, Rob (Natora, Aleksandra) Development of a new Victorian Injury Prevention Strategy and what it will mean for farming communities in Victoria

Harris, Rita A very different fire: the health, wealth and mental effects of the 2009 bushfires

Hill, Naomi Life on the farm following disability, injury or illness – how an Occupational Therapist can help

Hogan, Anthony Social perspectives on farmer suicide CC and rural health in Australia

Huggins, Catherine (Kate) Pilot study assessing sodium and potassium intakes in Australian farm families

Jeffery, Paul Comparing salt and potassium intake between Victorian farm families and capital city residents

Kennedy, Alison The Alcohol Intervention Training Program: reducing alcohol misuse in the farming community

Kilpatrick, Sue I feel like I’m dancing on the Titanic – managing the stress of farming in difficult times

Long, Gretchen Shake the blues

Lower, Anthony Improving safety of young and inexperienced farm workers

Lower, Anthony Australian farmers: a high risk population for rural health

Lundqvist, Peter and Alwall, Catharina Occupational health and safety strategy in Swedish agriculture

Malone, Damien Men’s Out and About – Living in rural Residential Aged Care Facilities

Mather, Robyn A look at the psychological impact of an exotic disease outbreak : Equine Influenza

McCoombe, Scott If you don’t know what you are looking for, you are never going to find it

McLaren, Dorothy Identifying and reducing the socio-economic cost of travelling for health care

McLeish, Megan Care as usual – the value of psychosocial care in optimal chronic disease management in a rural hospital admission risk program

McShane, Connar Farming struggles and triumphs: recommendations from farming families

Miller, Peter A review of rural and regional alcohol research in Australia

Neil, Andrew Dental health and rural communities

Nilvarangkul, Kessarawan Self-reporting of illness and accidents among sugarcane farmers in Northeastern Thailand

O’Brien, Jeanette From dust to dirt: but our wells are still dry

Rendell, David Successful training program that is preventing farmer injuries whilst injecting livestock

Rowe, Rosie Climate change adaptation: a framework for local action

Seiler, Karen Cultivating stronger, connected communities in trying times

Simkin, Hannah Farming fit? Depression and obesity in farm men and women

Smith, Erica Hearing Loss and farming. What to do about it

Stinton, Jayne “I love to have a beer, cause Duncan’s me mate”

Taylor, Anne Electrical Safety for Farmers

Wallace, Robyn Preventing vision loss in rural communities

Willder, Stuart How safe is your prostate? Agricultural chemical use and the risk of prostate

Williams, Ruth Having a field day: Linking rural communities to better health

National Centre for Farmer Health
WDHS and Deakin University
Vic Health
Victorian Government
Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia
Rural Industries Rewards and Development Corporation
National Centre for Dairy Education - Australia
National Climate Change Adaption Research Facility
Diabetes Australia - Victoria
PCP - making a difference
Grains Research and Development Coorporation
Bendigo Radiology Group
Southern Grampians Shire Council