Gear Up for Ag Health & Safety™

The Gear Up for Ag™ program recognises young people are central to an innovative and sustainable future for agriculture.

The program’s key objective is to engage students in a practical, fun and interactive way providing evidence based education that promotes health, wellbeing and safety. Students will gain an understanding of the importance of safe practices and empowered to positively influence behaviour of their families and future employers.

Why is it important?

Embedding health and safety awareness is critical to maintaining the health and wellbeing of the next generation of farmers living and working together in the agriculture industry. Engaging students in safe practices will ensure a positive safety culture in future generations.

How is Gear Up for Ag™ delivered?

The program is delivered onsite at schools by a qualified facilitator and adapted to suit school needs and timing choices, generally between 2 and 3 hours in duration.

What does the program include?

  • An online pre-training student survey is used to develop customised training to provide key health and safety education relevant to student’s attitudes, behaviour, knowledge and exposures, at home and on the farm.
  • The education session promotes health, wellbeing and safety in agriculture and includes interactive demonstrations and class activities. For example, identification of local agricultural hazards, how working on farms and in agriculture can impact physical and mental wellbeing and ways to minimise risk of fatality, injury and illness on farms.
  • Each student is given a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) start-up kit with discussion on where and when to wear appropriate AS/NZS approved PPE and interactive demonstration of correct usage.
  • An online post-training student survey completed 3-6 weeks post-incursion will gauge learning and effectiveness of the program with a report provided to the participating school.

What topics are covered?

The topics offered vary from personal safety to high risk areas in agriculture through fun and interactive strategies to promote health and safety.

Host a Gear Up for Ag ™ Program

Thanks to funding by the Victorian Government from the Smarter, Safer Farms Program we are looking for Victorian Secondary Schools and Registered Training Organisations who would like to have this program delivered to their student cohorts in Year 9 and above.

For all other enquiries, please contact us directly.

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The Gear Up for Ag Health & Safety™ is the signature program developed by Ag Health & Safety Alliance, a leading not for profit organisation based in the US. For more information visit

Student Testimonial

‘For ‘Farmer’s Health’ to come in and expand on our OHS course was great. It was really good fun to do the Kahoots quiz before and after the program.  It was interesting and useful to expand on the real dangers of agriculture and farming. To then also learn that even with the appropriate PPE dangers can still be very high’

Cert II Agriculture Student, December 2019

Cert II Agriculture Student, December 2019

Important Information

Gear Up for Ag Health & Safety™ Program Enquiries

For all program enquiries, please contact:

Cecilia Fitzgerald
Business Development & Industry Engagement Manager
(03) 5551 8533

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