Scholarships are now OPEN for Healthy and Sustainable Agricultural Communities (HMF702). Successful applicants will be contacted directly.

The National Centre for Farmer Health will provide a limited number of scholarships to financially assist students who would like to undertake further study in the area of Agricultural Health and Medicine. Scholarships are open twice yearly to applicants who enrol in core units HMF701 (Agricultural Health and Medicine) and/or HMF702 (Healthy and Sustainable Agricultural Communities) either as part of their Graduate Certificate in Agricultural Health and Medicine, or as an elective at Deakin University or other universities post-graduate course.

To learn more about Agricultural Health and Medicine follow this link: What is Agricultural Health and Medicine?

Important Information

For more information on this unit, the topics covered or on the application process, please contact:

Dr Jacquie Cotton
Unit Chair
(03) 5551 8585