Digital Storytelling for Farmer Health, Wellbeing and Safety

What is Digital Storytelling?

Digital stories combine narrative with digital content—including images, photos, sound, animation and/or video—to allow everyday people to create a short but compelling movie. Digital stories generally tell a personal story about life changing events or a turning point in a person’s life. The process of digital storytelling allows many people to tell their stories using image and sound and share those stories with others–regardless of skill level.

How we use Digital Storytelling

The NCFH have led several Digital Storytelling workshops across different topics including stories about the lived experience of rural suicide (The Ripple Effect) and stories from rural women, young adults and rural young people who have navigated a range of tough times (including drought, physical illness, bereavement, farm succession, intellectual disability and financial pressures).

These stories have been shared to educate community members, students and health professionals about the experiences of rural people. They have also been successful in reducing stigma, developing empathy and inspiring positive action.

“It was a powerful, fantastic and at times quite full on experience”

“This has been an amazing process of sharing stories but also of sharing friendship and conquests over adversity. The support from staff and participants in the project has been exemplary and a joy to be part of. I think there is much to be gained by sharing this as an experience but I see great value to any one who will view the works outside of the participants group.”

Feedback from previous Digital Storytelling Workshop participants

Do you have a story to tell?

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Important Information

If you would like to know more about Digital Storytelling please contact:

Dr Alison Kennedy
03 5551 8587

Thanks to our Digital Storytelling workshop supporters

The NCFH Digital Storytelling Workshops have been made possible by;

  • Generous donations from The Geelong Gentlemen’s Lunch, The Rosemary Norman Foundation, Hamish Job & Hugh Browning, ARB 4×4 Accessories, LaTrobe Ag Society, Port Fairy CWA, Woolsthorpe CWA, Moruya High School, NOMAD, Knox Grammar, Good Shepherd College, the Murray River Jet Ski Marathon;
  • Project funding from the Victorian Women’s Trust, William Buckland Foundation and GMHBA;
  • Support from Western District Health Service, South West TAFE, Swinburne University, ABConsulting, YACVic Rural, Murray Ace Training and Youth Inc. Swan Hill.