Shifting Gears
Shifting Gears supports teachers to embed practical health and safety education into agricultural curriculum.
February 9, 2023
Health and Lifestyle Assessment
The 20-minute health assessments encompass a comprehensive lifestyle survey that addresses health behaviors, agricultural practices, and the dimensions of...
October 20, 2022
Help inform research around chemical usage on farms
THIS SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who has supported this research.
July 1, 2022
Returning to work after stroke in rural communities
The National Centre for Farmer Health (NCFH) is working with Deakin University to learn more about the experiences of people who have had a stroke while...
December 24, 2021
Quadbike Spraying and Injury Surveillance (QuadSIS) Project
THIS SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED. The National Centre for Farmer Health (NCFH) student researcher Jordan Walker wants to better understand the use of quadbikes for...
August 16, 2021
Mental Health 4 Ag
Steering Straight aims to help farmers look beyond the endless cycle of tasks to do, and help with reflection, planning for the challenges ahead, and preparing...
August 21, 2020
Digital Storytelling for Farmer Health, Wellbeing and Safety
What is Digital Storytelling? Digital stories combine narrative with digital content—including images, photos, sound, animation and/or video—to allow...
July 19, 2018
ifarmwell is an online tool kit divided into five short and interactive modules to help Australian farmers cope effectively with life’s challenges and...
February 1, 2018
The Ripple Effect
The Ripple Effect is an online intervention designed to investigate what works to reduce the self-stigma and perceived-stigma or been touched by suicide.
October 7, 2015