Shifting Gears

Supporting educators to deliver farm safety education.

Shifting Gears is an intervention program and farm health and safety extension resource for schools.
It is a teacher-led, school-based program designed to improve farm safety culture.

Shifting Gears is unique – bridging the gap between agriculture and horticulture studies and the national skills program. It demonstrates the broader context of agricultural injury in rural Australia through relatable content, specifically for young people.

Led by teachers, Shifting Gears is for middle and senior school students who are living on farms, studying agriculture and horticulture, undertaking work experience, and/or interested in pursuing a career in this field.

‘The videos allowed us to teach farm safety in a sensitive manner that was contextually appropriate for our students. Most of the students in our school are off a farm and have lived experience of farm safety issues and we’re always mindful that what we use needs to deal with matters of farm safety in a delicate manner.’

Goroke P-12 College, 2023

Audio Visual materials

The National Centre for Farmer Health has created unique, unscripted farm safety audio visual (AV) material for an Australian farming context.
We endeavoured to create documentary-style AVs that are meaningful, personal, and relatable to young people and teachers by connecting the concepts of safety with human health – rather than just compliance.
We have also created digital animations to teach farm safety theories through a creative, engaging medium.

Classroom activities

We have created classroom materials including health and safety statistics, discussion topics and activities linked to the AVs to reduce teacher’s time allocated to lesson planning and sourcing appropriate content.

Watch the Shifting Gears Webinar

This webinar provides guidance on the Shifting Gears resources and activities, and emphasises the significance of incorporating health and safety conversations into teaching practices. Teachers and school representatives interested in the program are encouraged to watch via the link below to explore this exciting resource and become catalysts for positive change in farm safety practices.

Behind the scenes of Shifting Gears

Shifting Gears Poster

Important Information

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