Injury Risk and Safety Behaviours of Children on Victorian Farms Research Project

Survey Overview and Process

~~~~ Thank you to everyone who has participated – this survey is now closed. ~~~~

PhD candidate, Jessie Adams, is conducting a new study to investigate how the behaviours, attitudes and lifestyles on Victorian farms are contributing to child farm-related injury.

Farms are unique places, as they combine a workplace and a home. Being involved in the family farm is a big part of growing up on the farm. However, children under 15 currently represent 15% of all farm-related fatalities in Australia and this has been consistent for over 20 years, despite efforts to reduce them. This is of concern. This study aims to develop a greater understanding of children’s exposure to occupational risk on farms by exploring their contact with farm hazards, risk-taking behaviours and the use of safety measures. 

We are seeking the involvement of rural Victorian children aged 5 to 14 years, who live on a farm or visit regularly (at least twice a year), and their parents/guardians. Participating will involve completing an online survey. Parents will be asked to complete the first survey, with their child filling in the second.  

If you are a farming parent or guardian of a child aged 5-14 years we would love to hear from you!

Survey instructions: 

  • This first survey is to be answered by parents/guardians (you will then be sent a link with the survey for your child to complete).  
  • This survey is interested in children aged 5 to 14 years. If you have multiple children between the ages of 5 to 14, please answer the questions about your eldest child (within the age range).  
  • Please answer all questions to the best of your ability.  
  • You can exit the survey and come back at any time – your answers will be saved. 
  • You can terminate the survey at any point.  
  • Your responses are confidential.  
  • Any identifying details will be removed before analysis and any publication or presentation of results. 
  • Please find more details of the study in the Plain Language Statement and the Consent Form.  

Please find the link to the survey, the participant information and the consent form below.


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Contact the team:

For all general queries about the research, please contact:
Jessie Adams, PhD Candidate
National Centre for Farmer Health
E:, T: (03) 5551 8533

To contact other researchers involved in this project:
Professor Susan Brumby
E:, T: (03) 5551 8533

Dr Jacquie Cotton
E:, T: (03) 5551 8533

Dr Alison Kennedy
E:, T: (03) 5551 8533