Win a ticket to the Motherland 2024 National Conference!
Join us at Australia’s biggest rural mother’s group! Motherland’s inaugural National Conference will be an event like no other.
January 23, 2024
Harvesting Safe Farmers: A comprehensive exploration of child farm...
Learn more about the approach PhD candidate Jessie Adams used in her study on child safety on farm
January 22, 2024
Looking back at 2023...
2023 has been a blast, and guess what? We're strapping in for an even wilder adventure in 2024!
January 11, 2024
#Builiding Farm Spirit: Communities coming together
As the year comes to end, project officers Sally Cunningham and Cecilia Fitzgerald contemplated the 2023 #BuildingFarmSpirit journey and the solidarity among...
December 21, 2023
Ageing on Farm: John Richards Centre for Rural Ageing Research Oration
Speaking at the John Richards Centre for Rural Ageing Research Oration on 25 October, Ageing on Farm, Dr Brumby provided practical advice to help farmers...
November 10, 2023
Agventures of our farmer health team!
Our dedicated work team has been on an incredible journey this past month, crisscrossing the state to deliver essential services, engaging presentations, and...
November 1, 2023
How to Manage Stress by Prioritising Your Worries
Identifying and prioritising stressors by importance and urgency helps manage stress effectively, allowing focus on what matters most and reducing unnecessary...
November 1, 2023
Battling Hay Fever on the Farm: Tips for Farmers
Hay fever can be a particular concern for farmers as they are constantly exposed to allergens. To find out more about hay fever, including strategies for...
October 2, 2023