Saving lives and saving money – Significant cost savings to the health system due to Farmer Health Checks

The National Centre for Farmer Health is excited to share the findings of a recent independent economic evaluation conducted by Deakin University’s Health Economics Team on the range of farmer health check programs available.

The primary objective of our health check programs is to identify health, wellbeing, and safety risk factors among farmers and facilitate early intervention strategies that will empower farmers to take action and ultimately enhance health, wellbeing, and safety outcomes within the farming community.

These programs have been delivered over the last four years with funding from the Victorian Government’s Smarter Safer Farms program. The attached infographic shows significant cost savings to the health system as a result of NCFH health checks, due to the prevention and identification of Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease.

With additional funding and resources, future economic evaluations will consider:
• evaluation of long-term impact and societal cost savings
• cost savings relative to the early identification and prevention of a range of other health, wellbeing and safety areas covered in NCFH health checks.

We hope the findings outlined in this report will be of great interest to you and demonstrate the importance of continued long-term funding of the NCFH.