Monday11th October  
1.00pm Past present and futureHamilton Pastoral Museum Tour
– Learn about the safety and health issues which farmers faced in the past
– Cropping and harvesting implements
– Shearing and woolsheds
– Tractors and engines
– Before electricity – 12 volt windlight and cottageDPI Tour – Dept of Primary Industries (Research Institute)
– Presentation on carbon sequestration
– High rainfall cropping site
– Evergaze site
– Climate adaption and mitigation site
– Nitrous oxide site
4.00pmAuditorium Welcome and official openingFacilitator: Libby Price, ABC Rural Country Hour Presenter, ABC Local Radio

Clinical Associate Professor Sue Brumby, Director National Centre for Farmer HealthThe Honourable Joe Helper MP, Minister for Agriculture & Small Business
4.30pmAuditorium Opening the gates on farmer healthChair: Jim Fletcher, CEO, Western District Health ServiceKeynote Speaker – Professor Joe Graffam, Chair, Academic Board of the University, Director, Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing Research (CMHWR), Acting Dean Faculty of Health Medicine Nursing & Behavioural Sciences, Deakin University
Launch of Farming Fit DVDDr Bella Brushin, Research Coordinator, Research and Planning,beyondblueHannah Simkin presents overview on the Farming Fit DVD project and shows small clip of DVD.
6.00pm – 7.30pm Welcome reception and photography competition – Seniors Citizens Centre, Lonsdale St
Tuesday12th October  

Conference Office open
8.30amAuditorium WelcomeAims of the Farmer Charter

Professor Evelyne de Leeuw, Deakin University
Agricultural medicine and environmental health – linking the land to lives
Chair: Clinical Associate Professor Sue Brumby, Director National Centre for Farmer HealthKeynote speaker – Professor Kelley Donham, Department of Occupational and Environmental Health, School of Public Health, University of Iowa, USASponsored by:
Farm fatalities – the final straw
Chair: Dr Scott McCoombe, National Centre for Farmer Health, Deakin Univerisity, School of Medicine

Keynote speaker – Ross Pilkington, Director Manufacturing Logistics & Agriculture, Worksafe Victoria
10.00amFunction Room Morning teaTrade displaysPosters
10.30am concurrent sessionsCinema
Ted Kenna Room
Farming families Chair: Dr Emily Phillips, Department of Primary Industries, Vic
Navigating the maze: linking communities and people to city health facilities
Kelly Foran, Farmer, Boggabri, NSWKicking the dust: the past, present and future of young farmers in SA
Dr Ann Clarke, Rural Researcher, SAFarming struggles and triumphs: recommendations from farming families
Connar McShane, James Cook University, QldSustainable Farm Families: an a(cute) perspective on becoming proactive in improving health, wellbeing and safety of our farming community
Cindy Boyd, Joe McCallum, Kerang District Health

Men’s Health
Chair: Bill Hamill, Rural Industries Skills Training

Men on the land: how baby boom farmers manage their ageing identity
Zoe O’Callaghan, La Trobe University, VicHow safe is your prostate? Agricultural chemical use and the risk of prostate
Stu Willder, Western District Health Service, Vic

Primary healthcare reaching the rural and remote communities
Lauren Chimes, North and West Qld Primary Health Care, QldMen’s Out and About: living in rural residential aged care facilities
Damien Malone, Western District Health Service, Vic
Evidence based practiceChair: Dr Paul Lewandowski, Deakin University
Development of a new Victorian Injury Prevention Strategy and what it will mean for farming communities in Victoria
Aleksandra Natora, Department of Health, VicEvidence on the effectiveness of health screening at the 2009 Ag-Quip Ag Field Day
Julie Depczynski, Australian Centre for Agricultural Health & Safety, University of Sydney, NSWCultivating stronger, connected communities in trying times
Karen Seiler, Centacare South Burnett, Qld
Healthy literacy and farming families
Dr Anita Peerson, Deakin University, Vic
12.00pmFunction Room LunchTrade displays
12.30pmCinema Foyer Guided poster sessions

Chair: Professor John Martin, La Trobe University
1.15pm  concurrent sessionsTed Kenna Room

Agricultural Health and Safety

Chair: Stuart Ackland, University of Tasmania, TasChildless tractors: inproving farming safety for school aged children
Kam Benton, Hesse Rural Health Service, VicImproving safety of young and inexperienced farm workers
Associate Professor Tony Lower, Australian Centre for Agricultural Health & Safety, University of Sydney, NSWElectrical Safety for Farmers
Ann Taylor, Proactive Ag Safety & Support Inc, TasOccupational health and safety strategy in Swedish agriculture
Professor Peter Lundqvist/Ms Catharina Alwall, Swedish University of Ag Sciences
Service deliveryChair: Jo Williams, National Centre of Farmer Health Community development: social care initiatives within a rural narrative frameworkMartin Butler, Vic Relief Food Bank, VicIf you don’t know what you are looking for you are never going to find it
Dr Scott McCoombe, National Centre for Farmer Health, Deakin Univerisity,School of Medicine, VicA holistic approach to farmer health: responding to pyscho-social needs identified by Rural Financial Counsellors
Grant Doxey, Mallee Track Health & Community Service, Vic
A community development approach to establishing commmunity based strength training in isolated rural areas
Karen Armstrong, Grampians Pyrenees Primary Care Partnership, Vic

Mental healthChair: Cate Mercer-Grant, Sustainable Farm Families A Black Saturday perspective
Rita Harris/Lorraine Gallagher, Farmers, Marysville, VicI feel like I am dancing on the Titanic: managing the stress of farming in difficult times
Professor Sue Kilpatrick, Deakin University, VicShake the blues
Gretchen Long, Department of Health & Human Services, TasBeyond social capital: a sociological analysis of farmers at the risk of suicide
Dr Anthony Hogan, National Centre for Epidemiology & Population Health, ACT
2.45pmFunction Room Afternoon tea
3.15pm – 4pmAuditorium Farmer health social connection and community resilience: bohemians or bedfellows?Chair:Dr Anthony Hogan, National Centre for Epidemiology & Population Health, Australian National University, ACTKeynote speaker:   Professor John Martin, Director, Centre for Sustainable Regional Communities, Vic

4pm – 4.45pm
Social transition – for richer for poorer

Chair: Richard Perry, Southern Grampians Shire Council
Keynote speaker:  Dr Neil Barr, Senior Social Researcher, Dept of Primary Industries, VicSponsored by:
7.30pmAuditorium A Night at the Theatre featuring Alan Hopgood AMA Pill, a Pump and a Needle- Sponsored by
Personal stories on living with diabetes
Keynote speaker:  Dr Rob Grenfell, Dept of Prevention and Population Health, Vic

For Better or Worse – Sponsored by
A family’s journey through prostate cancerKeynote speaker:  Mr Richard Grills,  MBBS, FRACS, Urological Surgeon, West Coast Urology
Wednesday13th October  

Ted Kenna Room
Chairs and writers breakfast – Ted Kenna Room

7.15am – meet in PAC foyer

Wednesday wake up
Exercise in Botanical Gardens
7.30am Registration and office open

Evidence-based practice – to do or not to do

Chair: Janette Lowe, Southern Grampians Glenelg Primary Care Partnership
Keynote speaker:  Linda Syson-Nibbs, Nurse consultant, Public Health, Derbyshire County PCT, UKSponsored by:
9.15amAuditorium ‘Hangin’ in there’: Health implications of climate variability for farm family membersChair: Professor Evelyne de Leeuw, Deakin UniversityKeynote speaker:  Professor Margaret Alston OAM, Director, Gender, Leadership and Social Sustainability (GLASS) Research Unit, Monash University, Vic

Sponsored by:

10.00amFunction room Morning tea

10.30am   concurrent sessionsCinema
Ted Kenna Room
Climate Variability

Chair: Tracey Harper, Department of Primary IndustriesFarm family health and lansdcape health: a health impact assessment 
Andrew Gow, Greater Southern Area Health Service, NSWDry, drier, drought? Wet, wetter or whatever? Farmer responses to climate
Clinical Associate Professor Sue Brumby, National Centre for Farmer Health, VicClimate change adaptation: a framework for local action
Rosie Rowe, Western District Health Service, VicPass the parcel: a demonstration project to engage a rural community in climate change adaption
Jo Brown, Southern Grampians Glenelg Primary Care Partnership, Vic
Animal Health Human Health Chair: Dr Lauren Shrive, Hamilton VetcareThe interaction between animal and human health and welfare
Dr David Champness, Principal Veterinary Officer, Department of Primary Industries, VicMRSA, MRSA, MRSA !!! An emerging infectious epidemic in people from livestock???
Professor Kelley Donham, University of Iowa, USASafer and more effective injection of cattle and sheep
Dr David Rendell, BVSc, MACVSc (Sheep), David Rendell & Associates, Vic
A look at the psychological impact of an exotic disease outbreak: equine influenza
Dr Robyn Mather, BA(Psych) BVSc, NSW

Diet, oral health and diseaseChair: Dr Ananda Chandrasekara, National Centre for Farmer Health, VicPilot study assessing sodium and potassium intakes in Australian farm families
Dr Catherine (Kate) Huggins, Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research School of exercise and Nutritional Sciences, Deakin University, VicWholegrain food and legumes in health and nutrition
Erin Berghofer, Go Grains Health & Nutrition, NSWRegional differences: the neglected story of iodine
Dr Ashequr Rahman, Monash University, VicDental health and rural communities
Dr Andrew Neil, Department of Health, Vic

12.00pmFunction Room Lunch 
12.45pm   concurrent sessionsCinema
Ted Kenna Room
Allied health  Chair: Richard Lunz, AgriSafe, National Centre for Farmer Health, VicHearing loss and farming
Erica Smith, deaf access, VicLife on the farm following disability, injury or illness: how an Occupational Therapist can help
Naomi Hill, Western District Health Service, VicRural hand injuries of NSW
Amy Geach, Riverina Hand Therapy, Wagga Wagga, NSW
Preventing Vision Loss in Rural Communities
Nathalie Maconachie, Vision2020, Vic
Chronic diseaseChair: Dr Dale Ford, Hamilton Medical GroupAustralian farmers: a high risk population for rural health
Associate Professor Tony Lower, Australian Centre for Agricultural Health & Safety, University of Sydney, NSWChronic disease risk factors in rural areas: GGT Risk Factor Study
Dr Nathalie Davis-Lameloise, Greater Green Triangle University Department of Rural Health, Flinders University & Deakin University, VicFarming Fit? Depression and obesity in farm men and women
Hannah Simkin,  research assistant, National Centre for Farmer Health, VicCare as usual: the value of psychological care in optimal chronic disease management in a rural hospital admission risk program
Megan McLeish, Western District Health Service, Vic

Having fun: the challenges of rural social interactionChair:Dr Marisa Gilles, Combined Universities Centre for Rural Health and Midwest Public HealthThe only problem with alcohol is not having enough: perceptions of alcohol use and rural workplace cultureDr Jane Dowling, The Lyndon Community, VicI love to have a beer cause Duncan’s me mate!
Jayne Stinton, Ballarat Community Health, VicReview of rural and regional alcohol research in Australia
Dr Peter Miller, Deakin University, Vic
The Alcohol Intervention Training Program: reducing alcohol misuse in the farming community
Alison Kennedy, Deakin University, National Centre for Farmer Health, Vic

2.15pmAuditorium Diabetes and depression: a difficult furrow to ploughChair: Linda Syson-Nibbs, Nurse consultant, Public Health, Derbyshire, UKKeynote speaker: Dr Prasuna Reddy,– Chair of Rural Mental Health and Director of Research, Greater Green Triangle, UDRH, Deakin and Flinders Univeristy, Vic 

Rural workforce – the art of boundary crossingChair: Jim Fletcher, CEO, Western District Health Service
Keynote speaker – Dr Marisa Gilles, Professor, Combined Universities Centre for Rural Health, WA
3.45pmAuditorium Closing plenary – future strategiesFarmer Health Charter presentation – Professor Evelyne de Leeuw, Deakin University
4.00pm Close of conference

The pre-conference tour 
So you think farming is tough today? Think again. This tour will begin with The Hamilton Pastoral Museum which reflects the region’s pastoral heritage.
Ever wondered how much methane a sheep produces? Wonder no more as the next stop on this informative tour is the Dept of Primary Industries…

A Night at the Theatre 
This production features veteran actor Alan Hopgood. With a small cast of fellow actors he will perform two light hearted but serious plays on the health issues of diabetes and prostate cancer. Speakers on the topics of diabetes and cancer will follow the performances.
Farm vehicle safety Would you like to know how to stay upright on a quad bike? Then this practical demonstration will cover all aspects of safety on farm implements.

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Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia       CGU        Rural Industries Rewards and Development Corporation          National Centre for Dairy Education - Australia          National Climate Change Adaption Research Facility
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