Conference 2018 Wrap Up

National Centre for Farmer Health 2018 Conference Highlights

10th Anniversary Video

Conference presenters Powerpoint presentations

1. AUCKLAND, S_Assessment of community readiness mental health promotion final
1. COTTON, J_Beyond the Fenceline v01
1. PINNER,B_RB and NCFH – Authentic Partners
1. PHILLIPS, T_AgriSafe
2 MCNAMARA M BRUMBYS_Strengthening_v03
2. BROWN, J_SGGPCC_Balmoral Fire
2. JACOBSEN, D_Addressing Stress from the source
2. NAUGHTIN,C_Bright Futures rural and regional youth
2. Rohlman, D_Keynote Presentation
2. SCHIRMER, J_Supporting Farmer Health through resilience interventions
3. WALKER, C_Drought wellbeing service
3. KENNEDY, A_From Inside the Farm Gate
3. MCKENZIE, T_Walk with us
3. PEEL, D_Satisfaction with off-farm work
3. VICHEALTH_Rural and Regional Young people’s views
4. PHILLIPS, T_Gear Up
4. STRANIERI, A_ Data Analytics and community based screening for undiagnosed diabetes in a rural setting
5. KENNEDY, A_The Ripple Effect
5. COTTON, J_Agrichemical exposure_NCFH v01
6. THOMAS, J_Family Burden and social support in mental illness
REED, A Insights Into Hospital Experience


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Networking Event at Hamilton Gallery

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