Health, wellbeing & safety

Why exercise is important
As a farmer you will know that work never ends. Up at dawn and asleep later than most. Farming has always been considered one of the most physically demanding...
April 28, 2021
Women's Health Week - catch up with Jodie Leske
Jodie Leske is a mum, business owner and farmer living in the Western District of Victoria, 259 kilometres west of Melbourne. Like many women on the land,...
October 14, 2020
Health, wellbeing & safety assessments
Looking for some helpful tips and tricks for managing your health, wellbeing and safety around the farm?
August 22, 2020
Men's health in agricultural settings
Rural and remote Australians generally report higher levels of community participation, connection and volunteering than urban communities. Connecting with...
May 25, 2020
Heart Health
Australians living in rural and remote areas experience more cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors, higher rates of CVD-related hospitalisation and are...
April 30, 2019
Diet and Nutrition - Fuelling Farmers' Lunch Boxes
Farming men, women and workers often work long hours and need to pack a lunchbox to keep them fuelled and energised for the farming task at hand.
December 19, 2017
Farmer Needlestick Injuries - Risk & Recommended Treatment
Had an injury? Every year, across Australia, farmers and agricultural workers experience preventable needlestick injuries with 80% of livestock farmers...
December 19, 2017
Goal Setting
The volume of tasks required to maintain a successful farming business can be significant. Goal Setting can make things more achievable. Read more...
December 15, 2017
Farm safety – harvest health
As harvest approaches, it’s crucial that all machinery is checked to ensure a smooth and timely harvest. But simply mending the header and servicing the...
October 2, 2017
Tractor and Header Exercises
Tractor and header exercises to do during harvest - printable download. Read more...
September 11, 2017
Skin cancer – risks and early signs
Farming men and women and agricultural workers spend a lot of time working outdoors. Without appropriate protection they can be increasing their risk of skin...
March 21, 2017
Sunburn is when your skin is burned by radiation from the sun. Sunburn can cause permanent skin damage. By the time signs and symptoms of sunburn appear, skin...
March 20, 2017