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Stewards of the Soil - People's Choice Award - National Centre for Farmer Health

Who will you choose?

The judging has taken place, and winners have been decided (but we can’t tell you who just yet). Now it’s YOUR chance to choose your favourite ‘Stewards of the Soil’ image, from the Top 50 Finalists below. The most popular photo will win $240.

The Competition Brief:

In recognition of 2015 as ‘International Year of Soil’ the National Centre for Farmer Health invited entrants to share their vision of the relationship between Australian farming and the soil it occurs in, under and on.

This year’s theme was: ‘STEWARDS OF THE SOIL’

We called for images that portrayed the myriad of colours and textures of a soil profile; the incredible produce grown in that soil; farmers working the land and/or working to restore degraded soils; or images that portray efforts at maintaining the soil’s life and sustainability.

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How to Vote for your Favourite Image:

  • Voting opens Monday 16th November.
  • Scroll down the page to view the Top 50 Finalists.
  • To enlarge an image, simply click on it.
  • Click the button below your favourite image.
  • Click ‘Vote’ at the bottom of the page to submit your entry.
  • Voting closes Sunday 29th November. The winner of the People’s Choice Award will receive $240!

You only get ONE vote, so be sure you choose the correct image, as no changes are possible.
Winners will be announced on Saturday 5th December 2015 at Federation Square. An exhibition of images will be viewable within the Cube Gallery during the day, with the official announcement and presentation to be held at 2:30pm, on the main outdoor stage at Federation Square. Winners will also be posted on Facebook and Twitter, so if you cannot attend Fed Square, be sure to Like and Follow us @FarmerHealth to find out who wins.

Want to know what the judges thought of the entries? Read their comments below. 

Jill Frawley

Judging the “Stewards of the Soil” competition was thought provoking and enjoyable. The range of subject matter was vast with many interesting and creative photographs entered. Some were taken overseas, the remainder from locations right across Australia, encompassing a range of soil types, soil husbandry practices and agricultural and horticultural enterprises.
The theme was perhaps challenging to contend with. Where to begin? What to focus on?   How to best demonstrate the theme? There were a number of quite beautiful photographs celebrating our magnificent landscapes, while others faithfully captured the essence of the theme “Stewards of the Soil”.  
The accompanying captions indicated considerable thought and provided useful insight into the photographs. Some of the captions, in particular from the Primary and Secondary categories were charming.
Overall, a lovely collection of photographs and captions, guaranteed to provide pleasure and stimulate discussion on a subject of vital importance.” Jill Frawley :

Rob Drummond
I found the judging process a rewarding experience and the criteria were clearly defined.   I very much enjoyed looking at the range of interpretations of the theme “stewards of the soil” – some were very straightforward and others were more complex. Unfortunately the captions on some of the images didn’t really address this theme. It was obvious many entrants had taken their photos with this event in mind and had ‘planned’ them accordingly.   One piece of advice I would give to future entrants: if you put in the thought and go to the trouble of setting up an image, then make sure that the idea is not lost through distractions in the background or out of focus elements that draw the attention away from the main subject.” Rob Drummond :
Ewen Bell
Getting a chance to see the world through someone else’s eyes is a gift of modern life, doubly so when those eyes belong to people with such a strong connection to the land. Many of the entries for this competition were playful and joyous, which makes the task of reviewing so many photographs all the more enjoyable. The images that made the most impression on me were those that show the beauty of our land. There are many kinds of beauty on show, from nurturing crops from seedlings, creatures great and small, or a landscape vistas at sunset. I wish there were more farmers taking an interest in photography, because their perspective is a deeply valuable one. The entire country benefits from seeing more of the land through this kind of competition, and hopefully more and more farmers will be encouraged to share their vision through photography in the years to come.” Ewen Bell :
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 The Winners have been announced!

Click here to see the winning images.

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