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Steering Straight: My plan to stay on track

Steering Straight is a resource that has been developed in collaboration with members of the farming community. It aims to help farmers look beyond the endless cycle of tasks to do, and help with reflection, planning for the challenges ahead, and preparing for action, with a focus on wellbeing. Steering Straight will help you to:

  • Know what activities are helpful and keep you feeling positive during tough times
  • Achieve future goals, and break them down into manageable steps
  • Know who you can call on for support when tackling a goal or a challenge

Steering Straight is available as a standalone resource and as part of the Managing Stress on the Farm booklet.

The Steering Straight plan can be downloaded and printed, or filled in online before being saved, downloaded, and/or printed.

Managing Stress on the Farm

Staying healthy and well is important in good times and trying times. Drought, flood, bushfires and change in prices can be a trying time for many farmers. We have compiled this list of resources as an easy reference for you to seek the required support.

The times when we least feel like looking after ourselves are when we need to do it the most.

If you would like to order copies or view the PDF version of our publication “Managing Stress on the Farm”

Emotional and Social Wellbeing Support

Helpline Contact Numbers

Online Support Service

Mon-Fri 8am-10pm AEST

Emergency/Bushfire/Climate Information


Emergency+ App
For Apple/iPhone national app to help people call the right number at the right time anywhere in Australia—uses GPS so location is ascertained
National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA)
Helping communities in times of emergency while preparing Australia for future disasters.
Emergency+ App
For Android national app to help people call the right number at the right time anywhere in Australia—uses GPS so location is ascertained
National Farmers Federation
Farm Hub – Enter your location to find local services & support
GoodSAM provides the ability for those calling emergency services to instantly share their location and live video from their mobile device, without an app, dramatically improving dispatch efficiency for Police, Fire & Ambulance agencies worldwide.


New South Wales


South Australia

Western Australia

Northern Territory




Information for Rural & Health Professionals

Victorian Emergency Water Supply Points

Farm Business Support Services

Farmer Assistance Line
8am-8pm Monday – Friday
13 23 16
Drought Angels
Provide financial support to primary producers across Australia affected by disaster.
07 4662 7371

Rural Support Organisations