Conference 2018

The National Centre for Farmer Health’s conference program is designed to encourage and continue relationships across sectors, to reflect the true diversity of health, wellbeing and safety outcomes in farming communities across Australia.

National Centre for Farmer Health Conference Theme & Topics

Good health, wellbeing and safety: Making a difference to farmers’ lives.

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Wednesday, 12 September
8:30am to 5:00pm
Hamilton Performing Arts Centre
107 Brown Street Hamilton Vic 3300
5:30pm – Networking cocktail event & photo exhibition: Farmer Health in a Changing World
Hamilton Art Gallery
113 Brown Street Hamilton Vic 3300

Online registrations are now closed, but you can still register by contacting Cecilia Fitzgerald on (03) 5551 8533 or

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2018 Western Alliance Symposium

This year we are collaborating with Western Alliance for their Fifth Annual Symposium which will highlight efforts to improve and promote health and wellbeing in western Victoria through evidence-based interventions and research. It is an opportunity to showcase research results and studies currently underway in western Victoria. Health-service based research is of particular interest.

The first keynote speaker for the Western Alliance Symposium has been announced, click here to read more.