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Child farm-related injuries - the unique challenges of the farming workspace
In Australia, the agricultural industry experiences the highest fatality rate per number of workers. The blurred division between the farm as a workplace and...
March 18, 2022
Co-designing the translation of research into practice to support mentally healthy workplaces in agricultural industries
Australian agriculture is vulnerable to an ageing and deceasing workforce, increasing technological demands, global markets, climate change and uncertainty.
March 18, 2022
So did I pass the assessment? Following farm safety checklists to understand pesticide risk reduction using an actor-network theory approach.
Farmers are responsible for workplace safety which includes family, employees, contactors, visitors and themselves. Tragically farming injuries, illness and...
March 18, 2022
High-Heat Days and Presentations to Emergency Departments in Regional Victoria, Australia
This retrospective cohort study aimed to determine if Emergency Department (ED) presentations across the south-west region of Victoria, Australia, increased on...
February 15, 2022
Mental health at the COVID-19 frontline: An assessment of distress, fear, and coping among staff and attendees at screening clinics of rural/regional settings of Victoria, Australia
An assessment of distress, fear, and coping among staff and attendees at screening clinics of rural/regional settings of Victoria, Australia.
December 15, 2021
Rural suicide risk and physical ill health: A qualitative study of the Victorian Suicide Register, 2009-2015
Abstract Objective To gain new insight into contextual factors shaping how physical ill health acts as a stressor in rural suicides—informing the development...
November 9, 2021
Self-management of diabetes and associated comorbidities in rural and remote communities: a scoping review
Abstract Chronic health conditions are more prevalent in rural and remote areas than in metropolitan areas; living in rural and remote areas may present...
July 29, 2021
What farmers want from mental health and wellbeing-focused websites and online interventions
Abstract Introduction Farming is a physically and psychologically hazardous occupation and farmers face numerous attitudinal and structural barriers to...
July 8, 2021
Child Farm-Related Injury in Australia: A Review of the Literature
Abstract Children on farms have been identified as a population vulnerable to injury. This review seeks to identify child farm-related injury rates in...
June 4, 2021
Mental health in the commercial fishing industry: Modern uncertainties and traditional risks
Abstract Commercial fishers face a range of stressors that impact physical and mental health. However, there is limited research on the level of mental...
May 25, 2021
Translating Co-Design from Face-to-Face to Online: An Australian Primary Producer Project Conducted during COVID-19
Abstract Primary producers face considerable risks for poor mental health. While this population can be difficult to engage in programs to prevent poor mental...
April 14, 2021
A comparison of farming and non‐farming related suicides from the United States’ National Violent Deaths Reporting System, 2003–2016
Farmers are at higher risk of suicide than other occupations and the general population. The complex suicide risk factors have not been examined in a large,...
January 18, 2021