Calling All Women! Improving Heart Disease Prevention, Treatment, and Rehabilitation for Everyone

We need your help to help make the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of heart disease better for everyone.

In Australia, women suffer poorer health outcomes related to their heart disease compared with similarly affected men. Moreover, people in rural and remote areas have poorer outcomes in relation to heart disease – and understanding the reason for this is important.

Evidence suggests that system-wide sex biases occur in the assessment and management of coronary heart disease throughout the healthcare journey and that is to the detriment of women. Exactly when and how these gendered biases occur is unclear, which is why we are calling for all women who have experienced a coronary heart disease event to reach out and help us understand your experience.

Sharing your experience can help our work to improve the health outcomes of women who have suffered heart disease.

To find out more or share your experience please email James via