Campfire Podcast Episode 20: “Thinking through the flood recovery journey”

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This Campfire podcast episode features speaker Dr Lauren Stracey, from Rural Aid.
Lauren Stracey is an experienced and passionate psychologist who expertly manages Rural Aid’s team of counsellors from her Sydney base.

Rural Aid is dedicated to improving the mental health outcomes of rural Australia – offering free, confidential support to farmers and their families.

They are trained to help their communities with a range of services, from early intervention and health promotion, right through to treatment using evidence-based interventions. They usually visit farmers on their properties.

Counsellors – Rural Aid – Supporting Rural Communities

This podcast is part of the Primary Producer Knowledge Network led by the National Centre for Farmer Health to promote mentally healthy workplaces. Campfire, part of The Primary Producer Knowledge Network, is funded by the Victorian State Governments WorkSafe WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund.

Campfire is led by the National Centre for Farmer Health in collaboration with primary producers, industry stakeholders and researchers from Griffith University, the University of South Australia and Cath Cosgrave Consulting. Campfire is funded by the Victorian State Government’s WorkSafe WorkWell Mental Health Improvement fund.