Reflecting on two years of work at the National Centre for Farmer Health

As we gather momentum in the run to the end of what’s been a challenging couple of years, there’s value in taking time to breathe and reflect on what we have been able to achieve (rather than what’s been lost, disrupted or possibly changed forever). We’ve recently taken time to do this with our NCFH team and it has been a gratifying experience in acknowledging the adaptability, innovation, and “can do” attitude that makes our small team tick. We’d like to share with you some highlights of what we’ve achieved in our continuing efforts to make a difference to farmers’ lives.
We encourage you all to reflect and take stock of what you’ve achieved during the year and make time to celebrate even the small wins with your family, friends, and colleagues.
The NCFH team would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.
Best wishes,

Dr Alison Kennedy, Acting Director of National Centre for Farmer Health.

Thanks to our incredible team, partners, supporters and – most importantly – the agricultural community, we have seen a period of growth and development over the past few years. The infographic below is a reflection of the work we have done with our stakeholders between 1 July 2019 and 30 June 2021. 

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