Does 20-Minute Rounding Reduce Falls in an Aged-Care Setting? A Pilot Intervention Study.


  • The study investigated if 20-min rounding reduced falls in aged-care facilities.
  • Overall, falls were reduced for residents of the aged-care facilities.
  • No severe falls occurred during the intervention period.
  • This is compared to three in the previous six months.
  • There were no differences in falls for the intervention group.
Bronwyn Roberts RN (registered nurse), Crit Care Cert, MRCNA, Kara Holloway-Kew PhD, Tatum Pretorius BSca, Sarah Hosking PhD, Alison Kennedy PhD, Katherine Armstrong RN, BAppSci (Nursing)September 2020Does 20-min rounding reduce falls in an aged-care setting? A pilot intervention studyScience DirectVolume 41, Issue 5, September–October 2020, Pages 579-584Go to page