Presenting injuries (farm and other) at a regional hospital in Victoria, Australia – linking prevention, promotion and place

Over the last decade agriculture, forestry and fishing workers had the highest rate of workplace fatalities compared to other occupations in Australia. This is coupled with long distance to both health services and for ambulance assistance. To date, little work has been done on injury prevention at a regional place based level. This study examined the types and causes of farm injuries compared with other injuries presenting to a regional hospital based in an agricultural community in Western Victoria, Australia, with the aim of improving both prevention and care post injury.

Brumby, S., Rahman, M. A., van Zyl, N., & Vaughan, V.20181386 Presenting injuries (farm and other) at a regional hospital in victoria, australia – linking prevention, promotion and placeOccupational Environmental Medicine75 (Suppl 22), A163Go to page