2016-08-19: Wycheproof farmers attend health workshop – Stock and Land

Farmers from Wycheproof recently took part in a workshop designed to improve the health, wellbeing and safety of farm families.

Sustainable Farm Families is an initiative by the National Centre for Farmer Health, Hamilton, which covers areas such as cardiovascular disease, farm safety, diabetes, stress, nutrition, and men and women’s health.

It aims to identify and track farming health indicators, and include these in farm management quality assurance processes.

The program is delivered in partnership with Agriculture Victoria and the Drought Support Package, East Wimmera Health Service, Wycheproof Resource Centre and Birchip Cropping Group (BCG).

BCG project manager Louisa Ferrier said that 10 farmers from Wycheproof attended the workshop in late July after they were first assessed by a local health professional.

“At the conclusion of the workshop, many participants expressed how surprised they were at how much they took away from it and how much it has made them think,” Ms Ferrier said.

Trevor Allan, Wycheproof, a farmer who attended the two-day workshop, said it was worth the time spent.

“I was surprised by how much was packed into the workshop and hope others take up the opportunity if it comes up in the region in the future,” Mr Allan said.

Participants from Wycheproof will return to complete another workshop in February 2017.

Those identified as high-risk will be referred to for follow up by appropriate health professionals.

Other workshops will be held in Yaapeet on September 6, and in Stanhope and Edenhope on yet to be determined dates.

For more information, visit the National Centre for Farmer Health.

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