Seeking farming family members bereaved by suicide


Seeking Farming Families

Seeking Farming Families

Andrew Mole is an award-winning rural and regional journalist who has been working in agricultural and regional Australia for almost 30 years.

Currently based in Echuca he is  looking to interview a farming family who have been bereaved by the suicide of a parent or partner.

The purpose of the story is to highlight the following:

1.       The  repercussions of suicide, not just on the immediate family but through an extended family and community.

2.       To run parallel stories which demonstrate how families may  identify distress even though the person suffering the problem might be trying hard to hide it, or not even be aware of it.

3.       Draw on work from the medical world,  and groups such as Suicide Prevention Australia, Lifeline and beyond blue.

Andrew says while there has been a lot of awareness  of suicide as an issue in agricultural Australia, there has been too little coverage of the  impact on the family left behind.

It is his intention to try and give this experience a truly personal face, providing an awareness and momentum that goes  beyond the act of suicide to highlight the full extent of the  tragedy.

While he is prepared to offer anonymity Andrew believes this may weaken the strength of the story and would prefer to work with someone who is prepared to be named, and tell their full story.

Ideally he is looking for someone in the Riverina area but is prepared to interview anyone in Victoria or southern NSW.

The person interviewed will receive a full copy of the story and have the final say on its content.

Andrew can  be contacted on 0419 132 369.