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The mission of Sustainable Farm Families™ (SFF™) Australia is to improve the health, wellbeing and safety of farmers, agricultural workers and their families through an evidence based program open to all members of the farming community
The SFF™ program is now spreading from Australia as other countries wish to adopt the program. However, experience has shown that for the SFF™ program to be successfully repeated and transferred, it needs to be supported by a suitable organisation.
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Only overseas organisations that can demonstrate the following characteristics will be eligible for consideration as a suitable organisation:
Must have the appropriate personnel with extensive agricultural and/or health experience and training experience.
Have sufficient startup funding and a funding model that will sustain the program into the future.
Able to deliver the SFF™ program to a suitably sized population within their country or state.
Below are the steps that need to be followed by an organisation that Western District Health Service (WDHS) as the owners of Sustainable Farm Families™ Australia has assessed as suitable:

  1. Signing by delegates from both Western District Health Service (WDHS) for SFF™ Australia and the overseas organisation of a Memorandum of Understanding to protect copyright and spread of the SFF™ Australia Program.
  2.  One or two SFF™ Australian Trainers are brought over to the host country to conduct a minimum of 5 days of training and consultancy.
  3.  On Day 1-3 the Trainers conduct the Standard SFF™ Australia course for the team that will modify the Standard SFF™ Australia materials for that country.
    Day 4 involves the SFF™ Australian Trainers observing SFF Trainees presenting a section of the SFF™ course.
    Day 5 involves discussion with the key players in the organisation to learn the processes, pitfalls and tips in developing, marketing, collecting data, researching and rolling out the SFF™ course in another country.
  4. The following items need to be purchased by the organisation from WDHS SFF™ Australia prior to the SFF™ Australia Trainers visit:
    1. Electronic copies of the SFF™ Australia documents (SFF™ Resource Kit, SFF™ Facilitator Guide, resources, PowerPoint slides) and permission for adaptation are sold to the overseas organisation, at an agreed cost. Note: If the overseas organisation adapts and publishes its SFF™ manual, an ongoing 5% royalty on every SFF™ manual sold by the organisation will also payable to SFF™ Australia.
    2. A full SFF™ Facilitator Guide for each SFF™ Program being adopted, at a cost of AUD$800 per kit plus postage.
  5. The following expenses also need to be paid to WDHS Australia:
    1. Return premium economy airfares (or business) for the Trainers between Melbourne and the host country;
    2. Accommodation for at least 7 nights for the Trainers (to allow time to recover from jetlag before teaching);
    3. Consultancy fee of $AUD10,000 per SFF™ Trainer.
  6. The SFF™ team in the host country now works to modify the SFF™ Resource Kit, Facilitators Guide, PowerPoint slides, teaching notes, templates, terms of reference and locate other resources, such as heart health, mental health film clips to be suitable for their country.
  7. Once these materials are complete, this new SFF™ Program conducts its own SFF™ Program

If wished, the host country can bring a SFF™ Australia Trainer over to help with its first SFF™ Program.
For more information please contact:
Susan Brumby
Director, National Centre for Farmer Health
Western District Health Service
(Sustainable Farm Families™)

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