Annual Summit – 2011

Thursday 4th August, 2011
The 2011 SFF summit was primarily about a briefing for the upcoming SFF Flood recovery programs. The day was well attended with over 20 health professionals and DPI facilitators coming together at No 1 Spring Street.
After introductions of new SFF team members and reacquainting  with current SFF team members the day got underway.  Tracey Harper (DPI – Maffra) kindly facilitated the day and brought us up to speed on why flood recovery funding and the Coalition Government’s priorities.  Sue Brumby then provided some learning’s from the Bushfire recovery program  – acknowledging the assistance from Andrew Smith (SFF health Professional – Ballarat University) in delivering these programs.  Tracey Hatherell (SFF data clerk) then provided us all with a much needed update on new documentation and a quick tour of the website.  Sally Marcroft (DPI – Horsham) provided a very personal account of the ‘local experience’ from the floods.  The entire group then contributed to discussions on flood impacts and impacts in their local communities with discussion ranging from mould in houses, to dealing with additional wildlife in the house (i.e. snakes, spiders and mice) to dealing with lost silage, crops and grains.  This then lead on to a wonderful session with Adrian Calvano (SFF health professional) providing an insight into dealing with mental health and farmers in crisis.  Sue Brumby then finished with a reminder that all SFF health professionals and DPI facilitators need to look after their own health and wellbeing whilst delivering their programs.
It was a great day and it was fantastic for everyone to catch up.
Included below are the PowerPoint presentations from the day.

Please find below the “Finding YOUR focus: What’s driving you?” document kindly provided by Helen Chenoweth (DPI – Warrnambool), this may be useful when considering business decisions.

We look forward to catching up with you soon.
Cheers Cate, Sue, Tracey and Adrian