Dairy programs

Sustainable Dairy Farm Families™ – Future Directions 2010- 2012. This project will provide ongoing evidence-based information to support and inform future health, wellbeing and safety directions for Victorias dairy industries. The project focuses on extending our understanding of the initial SFF dairy program, implemented in 11 dairy communities across Victoria during 2005 – 2007. We will be revisiting the same communities and undertaking a longitudinal health ,wellbeing and safety study during 2011.   Importantly we will also be providing health assessment, information and education and referral. This project is in partnership with La Trobe University, Centre for Sustainable Regional Communities, Bendigo, United Dairy farmers Victoria and funded by the Gardiner Foundation and Colac Community Enterprise.  Sustainable Dairy Farm Families™ – Future Directions is expected to be completed and reported on by June 2012.