Program management

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Integrated management and good governance

The Sustainable Farm Families™ (SFF) program operates under a corporate governance framework as set out by the policies and systems used by Western District Health Service to manage its business, meet its obligations and achieve its goals and objectives.
Through integrated planning, budgeting and performance management, the program ensures quality is provided to our farming families, advocates, other government departments and partnering agencies.
The SFF program benefits from good corporate governance and is accountable, transparent and has systems of control and the encouragement to create value.  In managing the program the following Western District Health Service values are used:

  • Integrity
    We will be open and honest and will do the right thing for the right reason.
  • Innovation
    We will be an industry leader by breaking new ground and improving the way things are done.
  • Collaboration
    We will actively work together in teams and partnerships.
  • Accountability
    We will take personal responsibility for our decisions and actions.
  • Respect
    We will value all peoples’ opinions and contributions.
  • Empathy
    We will endeavour to understand other peoples’ feelings and perspectives.

The program also seeks to deliver best practice and an effective service whilst achieving value for money. The SFF program is operated by a small team and reports to the National Centre for Farmer Health Advisory Group.