What farmers say about SFF

Sub Tropical Dairy - SFF

Sustainable Farm Families – Sub Tropical Dairy – Toowoomba 2014

South Australian programs

Yorke Peninsula, 2015

Great presentations, simple and easy to understand. Personally tailored health plans.

Sub Tropical Dairy, Queensland

Toowoomba, 2014

Informative sessions prepared and presented by knowledgeable and engaging presenters that encouraged us to be proactive in our health.

Very insightful and helpful in making changes to myself and my kids (and “husband”)

Victorian Flood recovery program

Cavendish, 2013

Health is important and everyone should be aware of their own stats. Take the time to do it.

It is fantastic

Navarre 2012

After being a reluctant starter along with a lot of others I found the whole thing empowering, we all had a fair idea we needed to do something for ourselves with regards health but doing the blood tests and having someone explain everything so openly and tactfully certainly makes you a whole lot more mindful of where we were heading if we continued to put it off. I think all that attended enjoyed two days of a cleverly ran program that just might guide them into a longer healthier more fruitful life and I would certainly encourage anyone who might get a similar chance to jump at it.

“My husband’s quote to me (on arriving home after his first day @ S.F. F. was … I missed a “chance of a lifetime!!”). He was very impressed with the two days of learning about how important diet and fitness are to the running of not only the farm but HIS life!!!!! He hopes that this is good timing!!! As he was the oldest in the group! He is now aware of label reading (which he has already put into practise) and is working on reducing his physical & mental tension!!). CONGRATULATIONS on running a potentially life changing program. My husband is looking forward to positive results at the 6 month meeting. He also enjoyed the LAUGHTER!!!! that the group meetings bought about.” 

Victorian Programs 2007-2011

Swifts Creek program

Not many people outside of health services are aware of all the health issues or of their responsibilities regarding safety in their business or workplace (farm).’

To survive on our ‘rural’ family business – to be sustainable against so many external factors and to compete with we must be healthy and be more aware of our equipment and surroundings as being important to well deal with farming / our lives.

Personal relevance – one on one consultations being able to ask “dumb” questions.

Strathmerton program

‘A big eye opener about how little knowledge I know of my body, diseases – heart.’

Really informative, well presented, great people presenting and good group involved

‘Generates much more interest in personal help, Farm safety…’

We are unable to operate successfully if we don’t look after ourselves better.

Werrimull program

‘Improved health = improved farm management, doesn’t take that long to have a check up.’

Good health is central to a relaxed enjoyable life. Rural life seems to be based on keeping family business alive instead of focussing on the ‘life’ of the people in the business.

It covered a lot of topics and gave an excellent understanding of various issues.

Edenhope program

‘The friendly light hearted atmosphere. The information was very well presented and informative. Congratulations to the presenters.’

Gives broad information and a wake up call to what affects diet, exercise etc, will do to your health.

Prevention of health problems will create so much less grief than the alternative.

It brought home the fact that the only person who looks after your health is yourself, so watch out for number one as it is your body.

Colac program

‘Full of information that I was unaware of. The expertise with the conduct from the organisers was 100%.’

‘Improved my knowledge on a lot of issues that previously had not thought about.’

‘Health assessment was fantastic as don’t always take time to do it.’

‘As a farmer we take life and health for granted, we need to be more active in the future.’

‘It highlighted the fact that without the human aspect of your business it wouldn’t run and the real need to keep yourself well for your business and family.’

Lilydale program

‘Presenters were great – very approachable, relaxed and helpful. Resource kit – just that – a great resource.’

‘Education about my health – the reinforcement of things I knew but had forgotten, the physical check-up was good.’

‘Thought it was very valuable – not all information was new but good to have it reinforced and brought to consciousness.’

‘A very good eye opener especially for stubborn people.’

‘Should be expanded to more broadly including metro → good investment for government to save money long term.’

Ouyen program

‘Very informative, good information, needs more people to be informed for better health in the wider community.’

‘In all life – health is the most important factor in life.’

‘We should all take our health more seriously. Can’t enjoy our profits if we aren’t well enough.’

‘So we can live longer to enjoy our retirement for longer!’

Western Australian programs 2008-2010

Geraldton program

‘Right on the money! Good participants. Good presenters. So needed.’

‘The interaction, the lovely presenters, the group, the content – for both work and personal benefit/interest.’

Northampton program

‘The mixing with others and the inputs they had to the workshop.’

‘It makes you aware that there are people around us that are in the same situation, connecting with others.’

‘Self awareness, ongoing learning, always changes due to research.’

‘Just because we don’t live with the greater population doesn’t mean our health doesn’t count.’

‘The program deals with human health and the responsibility we have to ourselves and to family and community members, thank you so much.’

A few words from an observer

‘Participants felt the workshop was very informative. The presenters were friendly, approachable, professional and informative, with well presented and planned information sessions. The workshops had a relaxed feeling and everyone really enjoyed mixing with others and the input they had to the workshop.

‘The presenters noticed that the two days were filled with laughter.One farmer noted, “You can’t run a farm in a coffin or in a hospital bed”.

‘After the workshop, the participants plan to hold a barbeque at the 6 month mark, as they felt 12 months was too long to wait to catch up with everyone again.’

Cotton & sugar programs – 2006-2007

Dalby program

‘Learnt a lot about the most important machine in my business.’

‘If you work hard for a good bottom line – you need to be healthy to enjoy the fruits of your labour!’

‘People can tend to become blasé about everyday life, this course wakes you up about what you can do to improve your quality of life’

Wee Waa program

‘Education is the key to empowerment. If we educate the rural community on health and wellbeing. We increase productivity and general wellbeing especially mental health issues.’

‘I believe health is very important and a lot of friends could learn a lot from the course in relation to their health.’

‘Friendly light approach. Easy to learn environment.’

Ayr program

‘The program was great – it raised awareness in areas that we should know about, but in actual fact know nothing at all.’

‘I would like to pass the valuable information on.’

‘You need your health without it you have no balance, no stability, no life.’

‘I feel enlightened & motivated to be more healthy.’

Ingham program

‘It was two full days, but well worth the time. Thank-You.’

‘One on One is excellent. Most time any health professional has spent with me.’

‘100% Practical, 100% applicable and 100% understandable’ ‘The need for farmers to have excellent health has to be addressed for the continuity of an overall health community’

Dairy programs – 2005-2007

Cobden program

‘Statistics clearly reveal the need for increased awareness of health issues among rural residents’

Trafalgar program

‘I know about healthy eating and lifestyle, but to have your health assessment in front of you, it makes you so aware of the results of our lifestyle over the past year.’

Colac program

‘I would recommend the course to others, as you finish the course with a much greater awareness of your health and the importance of your health to the farm business.’

‘The program gave me an increased awareness of health issues and a chance to share my views and experiences’

Leongatha program

‘People asked us on the supermarket tour how they could do the course’

‘Gave me the opportunity to think about life management and how it will make my family and business more sustainable’

Broadacre programs 2004, 2006 & 2010

Benalla program

‘This was practical, accessible information which I would not have accessed otherwise.  Thank you.  (I’ve applied for funding through our local adult community education centre to have a similar course run for farm workers and contractors.)’

‘I am a healthier person than 12 months ago.   It is a positive program.  Showed me where I could improve my health.’

‘Practical – outcome orientated.’

‘The farm business will not be able to operate or be sustainable with unhealthy workers.’

Clare program

‘Gave me the impetus to make changes in my life and business’

‘Health is so important, isn’t it or shouldn’t it be important to everyone – good health isn’t just for city people and look what we have managed to achieve with this information, there have been improvements everywhere’

‘Unhealthy people = low returns’

‘Without a doubt – this program empowered me.’

Horsham program

‘Rural people need to learn about the factors affecting health.  The course covers all relevant areas’

‘It (SFF) reinforces the needs for better diet, exercise, life style changes, and the fact that others have achieved this gives encouragement’

‘Thank you for the thoughtful and wide ranging expertise and information and for doing it with a sense of humour.’

‘Yes increase your understanding of healthy living improves the capacity of enjoyment and standard of living and work’.

Swan Hill program

‘Well done, please expand the program to give everybody access to this vital information.’

‘It was really interesting particularly the misconceptions of rural people being healthier and the importance of health and safety issues in running a successful farm business.’

‘Good health is the basis for enjoying life and to run successful businesses, and we are guilty of not being aware enough of health issues.’

‘I really enjoyed the course and the information provided and the way it is delivered and gave us the motivation to improve our health.’