Linking policy

Farmer Health linking policy

Farmer Health provides our users with a range of links to appropriate, informative and relevant external websites. In general we link to websites whose host organisations:

  • Have aims and objectives that align with those of the National Centre for Farmer Health
  • Offer high quality, up to date information
  • Have recognised expertise in their field
  • Provide objective health information that does not promote a particular product or service

In general Farmer Health aims to link to government, educational and other not-for-profit health and health related websites to provide the information our users require.
We may, at our discretion, choose to link to commercial websites if they:

  • Offer high quality content which we consider to be of particular value to the online Farmer Health community.
  • Clearly differentiate content from advertising.

We may link to our sponsor’s websites where suitable. For more information about our funding policy, please go to About us.
While we endeavour to ensure that we provide our users with links to information from reputable websites, the National Centre for Farmer Health is not responsible for the content or functionality of external websites.