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You will be able to talk to other farmers who understand your work, lifestyle and its highs and lows. Share farming stories and tips about what has worked for you and what hasn’t! How do you stay fit? What has helped you get through the hard times?  How good are the good times? What was it like being a farmer in the past? How has your landscape changed? Share your stories and learn from other farmers.
Our forum is moderated on a weekly basis.
Moderators and administrators are staff of the National Centre for Farmer Health not volunteers. They use the following alias: Farmer Health.
Moderators reserve the right to delete any messages deemed inappropriate without notifying the author. In cases of abuse, the moderators reserve the right to ban a member of the forum. In both instances, an explanation will be provided if user requests.
The information provided on this forum is designed to support, not replace, the direct relationship between patients and health professionals.
Forum topics, posts and comments
The moderators and members should conduct themselves at all times with respect and honesty.
As a registered user you are able to modify or delete your own posts.
By using our forums, you agree to post information that is true and correct to the best of your knowledge and is of your personal experience. If the information you post is not personal experience, we request you to provide sources (references, links, etc..) whenever it is relevant and possible.
Forum comments are submitted by users of Farmer Health and unless otherwise stated are not considered expert medical opinion.
Forums topics, posts and comments are reviewed and edited by Clinical Associate Professor Susan Brumby before publication.
Forums are not quality assured
While we do moderate forums to a limited degree to ensure no offensive or inappropriate material is published, the views expressed in these forums are those of the people creating the posts. The comments in user posts do not represent the views, policies or opinions of the National Centre for Farmer Health. We cannot and do not take responsibility for any comments posted in forums.
Help us to keep the forums a safe place
We want this to be a secure and safe place where farmers can go online and share their experiences with other farmers. Please respect our Terms of use and please contact us if you notice any misuse of this service.
Be polite
It is important to respect the views and ideas of others. Please don’t abuse, insult or belittle anyone.
Obey the law
Don’t discuss anything illegal or make defamatory comments about anyone else.
Do not sell products or services
Don’t sell anything, or promote any products. Farmer Health will not publish any material on forums that appears to be a promotion or contributed by a user who has a commercial interest in a product or service such as product manufacturer, distributor, supplier or retailer.
You can add only one link per post and they will be checked.
Once you log in and register you are automatically registered to use all forums on the website.
Age of forum users
To post information, comments or pictures on the Farmer Health website you must be aged over 18 years, or have permission of a parent or legal guardian. Parents should supervise children using forums on the Farmer Health website. Please refer to our Terms of use.
Privacy and your details
Only your username or nickname will be published on the website, your name and any other identifying details will not be published on the Farmer Health site. We remind you that any forum post or message can be read, used, reproduced and cited by all.
Your details are stored securely. We may use some of the information you provide for research or reporting purposes. If we do so, we will always remove any details that could personally identify you. We will not pass on your personal information to anyone else. We do not sell user information to third parties. See our Privacy policy for more information.
Terms of use
You must accept our Terms of use to be able to use the interactive features like forums on the Farmer Health website.
Last updated 19th January 2017.