Kids Farm Safety Activity Sheets

Hey there, young farmers! Are you excited to learn about farm safety? We have some cool activity sheets for you!

These activity sheets cover a bunch of different topics like animal safety, equipment safety, and general farm safety. You’ll get to have fun while learning how to stay safe on the farm!

There’s a word search where you can find all the words related to farm safety, and a maze where you can safely navigate through the farm while avoiding dangers and finding safety gear along the way. There’s also a fun task where you get to match the right safety gear to the job.

At NCFH, we believe that it’s important to promote safety in rural communities, and that starts with educating children about potential dangers on the farm.

We hope that you enjoy these activity sheets and learn lots about farm safety. Stay safe and have fun – and let us know how you go!

To let us know how you go, tag us in your progress pictures, or send them through to Annabelle via 0458517699!

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