Health and wellbeing for farmers in a climate of change

As part of the Victorian Government’s $205 million Future Farming Strategy launched in 2008, the Sustainable Farm Families Program™ will be extended. This is an initiative to address ‘Health and Wellbeing of Farmers in Climate Change’.
Whirly wind - ManangatangThe program has been funded to support the physical, mental health and wellbeing of farmers and their families. Funding will be used to run workshops and focus on practical steps to improve the lives of farm families, targeting 500 farmers in areas that are undergoing significant change.
Participants will receive health assessments and workshops on topics including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, stress, women and men’s health issues, nutrition, physical activity, anxiety, depression and farm safety.
Sustainable Farm Families™ is an initiative of Western District Health Service, Hamilton and delivered in partnership with the Victorian Department of Primary Industries.