Women’s Health Week 2018

Created by national not-for-profit organisation Jean Hailes for Women’s Health, Women’s Health Week aims to get women talking about the health issues that matter most to them.

No matter how tricky the topic, Jean Hailes aims to help women address the ‘elephant in the room’. The week-long campaign combines an online event with public and community-run events supported by Jean Hailes. Visit Women’s Health Week to sign up or for further information.

When it comes to health, women are great at caring for others but often put their own needs last. Women’s Health Week is the time we encourage all women to put themselves first.

Held annually in the first week of September, Women’s Health Week is the national campaign for not-for-profit health organisation Jean Hailes for Women’s Health. The campaign seeks to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining good health and preventing future health problems, including chronic disease. In 2018, numbers are expected to surpass last year, which saw more than 77,000 participate, both online or at one of the 1588 events held around the country.

Content for Women’s Health Week is informed by the results of Australia’s largest annual survey of women’s health to be conducted in March 2018 and supported by evidence-based health and wellbeing research.

Workplaces, community organisations, health professionals and individuals are encouraged to get involved in the week by signing up at  womenshealthweek.com.au, sharing our messages, and hosting or attending an event. We encourage women across Australia to get involved and get rid of the elephant in the room that prevents many women from talking about their health.