The role social media plays in creating a safer, healthier agricultural community

April 7, 2022 @ 1:00 pm 2:00 pm

The uptake of social media use in agricultural communities has been astonishing over the last decade. Rural men, women, kids and businesses have taken to social media to tell their stories, share precious moments, and engage in various discussions about agriculture.

By sharing content on social media, people in agriculture contribute to the overall image and conversation surrounding life and work in our industry. Although picturesque, agricultural communities face unique challenges and dangers. Therefore, when posting online, everyone has an opportunity to present agricultural practices and rural life in a way that promotes a healthy and safe culture.

To engage with those who are active on social media or who are simply curious about its existing and potential impact, this event seeks to explore the influence online communications have on shaping peoples’ perceptions of health and safety behaviours on farms.

Our Director, Dr Alison Kennedy, will be joined by agri-media experts Lavinia Wehr, founder and creative director of AGSOCIAL, and Rachel Jacobson, Senior Communications and Engagement Officer for Agriculture Victoria, to address:

  • Increasing your understanding of your rural audience
  • How social media posts can positively influence your audience’s attitudes and behaviours
  • How your online content can support rural health, wellbeing and safety (even if this is not the focus of the post).

Our experts will also be answering your questions and discussing any opinions or thoughts you have on this topic. If you would like to submit a question or opinion ahead of time, please fill out the question form below. To register for this free webinar, please follow the link below.

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