Become an SFF trainer

SFF training is a unique career opportunity

Training in the Sustainable Farm Families program™ represents a unique and exciting opportunity for Registered Nurses (Division One).  The Sustainable Farm Families program™ is serious about assisting nurses to develop their abilities in dealing with farm families and health, wellbeing and safety issues.
Our training program is designed to help you develop essential skills as a ‘Health educator’.  To do this we integrate skills in adult learning principles, social research models, facilitation and program delivery into the training program and guide you through applying these skills to real life situations.  You are supported by a motivated SFF team.
By completing the training you will gain:

  • Royal College of Nursing (CPE) as endorsed by APEC No. 05021078
  • Opportunity to expand your knowledge base
  • Career flexibility
  • Personal satisfaction
  • Potential for travel
  • Join the SFF trainers network – giving you the capability to network, as well as providing access to education
  • Great support from the SFF team

This program also links to the National Centre for Farmer Health (NCFH) – a joint initiative between Western District Health Service and Deakin University.  The NCFH extends your prospects for specialising in agricultural health and providing high quality healthcare to our agricultural communities.